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亚博电子竞技网站-鲁媒:两个点球判罚过程不同 是否双标沈寅豪清楚
名称:亚博电子竞技网站-鲁媒:两个点球判罚过程不同 是否双标沈寅豪清楚

   Article source: Jinan Times


   Suzhou ended the days of rain on October 17, and the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship team ushered in the first round of the highly anticipated Beijing-Luzhou war. In the sunshine, more than 1,400 Luneng fans turned the Suzhou City Stadium into the home of Shandong Luneng with cheers. However, Luneng, who played as the home team, did not enjoy the treatment he deserved. With the lead in the first half, he was disrupted by a controversial penalty kick in the beginning of the second half, and was finally drawn by his opponent 2:2. . On the evening of October 22nd, Luneng will have a final battle with Guoan. It will be clear who can enter the semifinals of the Super League.

苏州在10月17日结束了下雨的日子,中国超级联赛冠军球队的第二阶段迎来了备受期待的京卢战争的第一轮比赛。在阳光下,超过1400名鲁能球迷欢呼雀跃,将苏州体育馆变成了山东鲁能的故乡。然而,作为主队的鲁能却没有得到应有的待遇。在上半场领先的情况下,他在下半场开始时因争议性的点球大打而被打断,最终被对手2:2淘汰。 。 10月22日晚,鲁能将与国安队进行最后一战。很明显,谁可以进入超级联赛的半决赛。

   "In the next four days we will study the game video and find a solution to the problem." Luneng coach Hao Wei said after the game.


   Throughout the technical statistics of the game, Guoan's possession rate reached 64%, the number of dangerous attacks was 68, and it was also ahead of Luneng in statistics such as shots and corner kicks. If you did not watch the game, you might think that Luneng can draw with the opponent is quite difficult.


   In fact, this is not the case. In the first half of the game, Hao Wei's defensive counterattack tactics strongly pinched Guoan's "seven inches". In the 22nd minute, Bakambu handballed in the penalty area and Pellet shot for Luneng to take the lead. Fifteen minutes later, Luneng played a wall-to-wall coordination on the opponent's left. Hao Junmin broke into the penalty area and threw a straight kick. Jin Jingdao slapped his horse and rushed to the next city. On the other hand, Guoan did not convert the advantage into a goal while occupying the advantage of the ball. With the pressing of Luneng's defense and Wang Dalei's courageous performance, his attacks only returned without success.


   After the end of midfield, Suzhou, which was originally sunny, was covered by dark clouds, and the trend of the game also changed. Shortly after the opening of the second half, Bakambu burst into the penalty area and fell. When the audience did not react, the referee Shen Yinhao decisively pointed to the penalty spot, and then Bakambu made a penalty kick to get 1 goal for Guoan. In the 68th minute, it was Bakambu's header from the small penalty area line that brought both sides back to the same starting point.


   Objectively speaking, Guoan's adjustments in the second half were quite in place, and the two teams each contributed outstanding performances in the half. But the key to the game is not just the players of the two teams. It can be clearly seen from the game screen that Luneng’s penalty penalty in the second half was quite wrong, and it was this loss that caused the two teams to change their psychology and rhythm.








   Regardless of the process, Luneng's performance in this game and the final result are not satisfactory. In his first show after coaching, Hao Wei insisted on traditional play tactics and tried to make certain changes in the lineup, which once received better results. Unfortunately, under the excellent situation of 2:0 lead, Luneng was finally tied by the opponent. In any case, after the final whistle blew, everything has become a memory. As Hao Wei said, what Luneng needs to do at present is to "study the video to find a solution to the problem within 4 days."


   In this battle, Luneng was under relatively heavy pressure on the defensive end. Overall, the performance was acceptable, but the protection of the frontier of the penalty area needs to be strengthened. In the first half of the game, Guoan won 3 free kicks in front of the Luneng penalty area, and the positions were all very good, which also made the Luneng fans on the scene sweat. The penalty won by Bakambu in the second half also came from Zhang Yuning's through-stop at the front of the penalty area, which caused the defender to make a clearance error. Although the penalty is open to question, the team needs a serious summary on defense.


   Moises, who played the most stable in the first stage, did not start the game, which to a certain extent reduced the team's defensive ability in the midfielder position. In the 70th minute of the second half, Moises replaced Pellet. Luneng's offensive and defensive transition was smoother. Gerdes also entered the opponent's penalty area to get the opportunity to face the opponent's goalkeeper directly. In the second round of the showdown, the Brazilian "model worker" will also become a major change for Luneng. How to make a choice among foreign aid will test the wisdom of the coaching staff. In addition to personnel selection, Luneng also needs to increase concentration and determination, and try to keep the opponent out of the threat area.


   In addition, the team is also facing injuries. In this game, Wu Xinghan, who went to the national football training camp in early October, did not make the list. In this regard, Hao Wei said that Wu Xinghan has been absent from training due to injury recently, and whether he can play in the next game is still unknown. And Jin Jingdao and Zheng Zheng also suffered injuries during the game, especially Jin Jingdao. After colliding with Guoan players in the second half, Jin Jingdao kept clutching his waist. After being replaced, he is still suffering. After the game, Jin Jingdao returned to the locker room with the support of the staff. Jin Jingdao, who scored a goal in this game, played well. If he can't play with Wu Xinghan in the next game. So how to adjust Luneng's midfielder's loss of the two wars is also a problem.


   Fortunately, Hao Wei still has a lot of cards in his hand. Whether it is Liu Binbin, Zhang Chi, and Liu Yang, they all have the strength to be a starter, and Guo Tianyu on the front can also bring more changes.


   The matchup on the 22nd will start at 7:30 in the evening. May the bright moon cover the Soviet body, and the result is worthy of all the players' efforts.


   (New Times reporter Hou Chao from Suzhou) The first round of the battle between Beijing and Lu was evenly divided. Photo by New Times reporter Sun Changqing


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