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After Abramovich entered the Blues, his first appearance as a club owner in a formal game was not satisfactory.


For the same reason, he was stopped by the guard in the conference room of the Anfield Stadium before the Blues' away game against the Reds. In fact, the document hung on his neck can prove his identity. However, the reason why the rich Russian man was rejected was that he did not wear a tie.


This can largely reflect the situation of Liverpool at that time. As a club that has and follows a long tradition, even in the face of world-renowned wealthy people who have shaken football and have a huge impact on the entire football game, they will choose to talk about it. No-just because he doesn't look like a footballer.


“He had a dispute with the management at the time,” former Liverpool CEO Rick Parry said in an interview in 2018. "David Morse (the club president at the time) walked over and told them to let him in. But Abramovich was apologetic at the time and said,'I'm sorry, I didn't realize this','I'll find one. Tie' or something.

利物浦前首席执行官里克·帕里(Rick Parry)在2018年的一次采访中说:“他当时与管理层发生了争执。大卫·莫尔斯(当时的俱乐部主席)走了过来,告诉他们让他进去。但是阿布拉莫维奇道歉当时说,“对不起,我没有意识到这一点”,“我会找到一个。领带”之类的东西。

Then one of his accompanying staff members immediately took action. Frankly speaking, he handled it very decently. He didn't say ‘I’m not following your rules’.


He was trying to adapt. Abu looked very humble and smiled, but he didn't talk much. He didn't show the slightest arrogance at the time-but after that game, he didn't show up much. "

他正在尝试适应。阿布看上去很谦虚,微笑着,但他没说太多。当时他没有表现出丝毫的傲慢,但是那场比赛之后,他没有表现出太多。 ”

That was the most influential period for Chelsea in recent years. The arrival of Abramovich caused a dramatic chain reaction to football, which also affected Liverpool's later development path to a large extent: a club trying to catch up with Manchester United and Arsenal suddenly had a New and more aggressive competitors, which means that they must change their development thinking and way of doing things, otherwise they may be left behind.


This happened five years ago when the Chief Mansour acquired Manchester City and once again used money offensively to change the pattern of the football world.

这发生在五年前,当时曼苏尔酋长(Mansour)收购了曼彻斯特城(Manchester City),并再次进攻端用钱改变了足球世界的格局。

In 2003, Morse was still the majority shareholder of Liverpool. He was already very distressed whether he was really the one leading the club forward.


He was very sensitive, and if he read a negative article about him in the "Liverpool Echo", then he would show a frustrated side. He is also a very wealthy businessman, but his financial resources can't compete with people like Abramovich.


In 2002, the year before Abramovich bought Chelsea, the Morse family sold its Littlewoods retail company for £750 million.


In contrast, look at Abramovich, whose resources have been declining in the past decade or so. At the beginning of 2020, his assets still had 12 billion pounds. It is not difficult to understand why Morse's worries at the time were deepening.


In less than six months, Morse was sure it was time to sell Liverpool. Considering the club's potential and long history, it seems unbelievable that the plan to sell Liverpool will not be completed until three years later.


Due to the delay in the sale plan, potential buyers gave many false promises, such as submitting a fund-raising plan for the new stadium, etc. This prompted Morse and Liverpool to quickly move forward with George Gillett and Tom. The Hicks negotiations, and the time when the two took over the club were short and catastrophic.


It turned out that this series of events played a big role in the decline of Liverpool. After the latter round of shareholder takeovers, it took them nearly 10 years to bring the club back on track, back to the state when Abu, who had no beard, was rejected by the Anfield guard.


"Everyone may have forgotten that Chelsea back then was quite annoying," Roy Evans said in an interview in 2014.

罗伊·埃文斯(Roy Evans)在2014年的一次采访中说:“所有人可能都忘记了当时的切尔西很烦人。”

The former Red Army coach mentioned in the interview that he felt a certain amount of pressure when other clubs started to sign high-level foreign players, especially Chelsea. At that time, people also began to discuss the true position of Liverpool in the football map.


The story goes back to the fourth round of the FA Cup in January 1997, when Liverpool topped the Premier League as a guest at Stamford Bridge, and the Red Army at that time was convinced that they were no longer far away from their first league championship trophy in 7 years.


The team's performance in the first half really made them confident. In the first 21 minutes after the game, Fowler and Collymore scored to give them a 2-0 lead.


However, the final result of the game that day was the opposite. The Blues reversed their opponents 4-2 at home. In the second half of the game, Zola helped the team equalize, and Vialli also used a brace to help Chelsea secure the victory. (Annotation: Original not mentioned, the first goal of the Blues match was by Mark Hughes Break in).

但是,当天比赛的最终结果却相反。蓝军在主场以4-2击败对手。在比赛的下半场,佐拉帮助球队扳平了比分,而维亚利也用撑杆帮助切尔西确保了胜利。 (注解:没有提及原始人,布鲁斯比赛的第一个进球是马克·休斯闯入)。

At the end of the season, the Blues became the FA Cup champions as they wished, and Liverpool again missed the league championship, and finally had to place fourth, ushering in a season of no harvest. At that time, people began to discuss the real strength of Liverpool, especially on the issue of the team's temperament, which also involves the team's concentration.


With the addition of experienced foreign players like Zola and Vialli, the strength of other Premier League clubs has also strengthened. In that 4-2 victory over Liverpool, Chelsea also sent Di Matteo, Lebeuf, Petrescu and other foreign aids in the starting lineup.

随着Zola和Vialli等经验丰富的外国球员的加入,其他英超俱乐部的实力也得到了增强。在以4比2击败利物浦的比赛中,切尔西还派发Di Matteo,Lebeuf,Petrescu和其他外援进入首发阵容。

In contrast to Liverpool, the only team in the team is Kovalme, who has just joined Rosenberg of Norway. Can he solve the team's defensive problems?


The defender and fellow Norwegian Bujonebi were the only non-British players in the Red Army's starting lineup that game (of course, you can also count Irish international McCarty, who was born in Birkenhead, England).


Evanstein said that he admired Batistuta who played for Fiorentina and Boksic who played for Juventus at that time. Judging from the words he mentioned these two strikers, he should have paid close attention to them. they.


Ajax’s Litmanen also tried to sign Evans, because at the time he thought the Red Army was overly dependent on McManaman’s creativity on the court. He hoped that there would be players who could help the midfielder on the front line. Series. However, he never wanted to imitate the so-called "Chelsea-style" signing to strengthen the team.


"Actually, I didn't want it just to attract fans to sign up-at that time Anfield was still full of seats no matter what," he explained.


"You can see that both Gullit and Vialli (to join Chelsea) came to the Premier League after they were in their 30s, and they are expensive. How long did it take for Chelsea to get out of their shadow? If there is a chance to sign The next older player-or one who is approaching 30, such as Sheringham-then I will choose to sign.


But I was not the kind of coach who wanted foreign players to fill the team lineup. In my opinion, the ability of the British domestic players was sufficient. "

但是我不是那种希望外国球员来填补球队阵容的教练。我认为,英国国内球员的能力已经足够。 ”

After an exciting new addition, the attendance at Stamford Bridge has also continued to improve.


At the end of the 1995-96 season, the average attendance of the team at home was 25,598. When Abramovich entered the Blues, the number of seats at home has risen to 39,781. During the same period, the attendance at Anfield also increased, but the rate was relatively modest, only rising from 39,605 to 43,243.


At that time, match day income was not decisive, but it had an important impact on the operation of the transfer market.


When the time came to 1998, it can be said that Chelsea had almost caught up with Liverpool. That summer, both clubs hoped to sign Desailly, who had just won the World Cup with the French team, and the midfielder eventually chose London.


Evans said in the interview that long before Abramovich came to England, the relationship between the Red Army and the Blue Army had changed quietly and rapidly.


He also emphasized that Chelsea is using the ever-increasing competitiveness in the transfer market to compete with Liverpool, and overseas players are relatively more inclined to come to the capital city rather than an industrial town that has affected the atmosphere of Merseyside.


Also at this time, Evans would not listen to the telephone interviews on the radio on the way home after the game, even after the team won. "Those who complain are too ugly. They always want to see the team introduce a heavyweight foreign player," he said. "I don't know when, Chelsea's name will always appear in this topic."

同样在这个时候,即使在球队获胜之后,埃文斯也不会在比赛结束后的回家路上收听广播中的电话采访。他说:“那些抱怨的人太丑陋。他们一直希望看到球队引进重量级的外国球员。” “我不知道切尔西的名字何时会出现在这个话题中。”

On the green field, Chelsea have begun to have the ability to compete with the Red Army. During 1995-2001, the Blues won the FA Cup twice and won a League Cup and a European Cup Winners Cup.


Nevertheless, Chelsea's development has received certain restrictions, mainly due to the relatively small capacity of the Stamford Bridge Stadium, only a little more than half of the Old Trafford Stadium.


Since then, the situation has become very clear. After entering 2000, the size of the blues’ spending in the transfer market depends on the club’s Champions League qualification. If they miss the Champions League, then they will be in trouble.


In the 2002-03 season's final game, if the Red Army under Houllier can maintain a 1-0 lead at Stamford Bridge, then they can successfully win the Champions League qualification for next season and allow Chelsea Deadlock.


However, in the end, the Blues took the initiative in the first 17 minutes of the game and won in one fell swoop, and finally won the fourth place in the league, avoiding possible financial difficulties. (Annotation: Hypia played for the Reds in the 11th minute of the game. After scoring a goal, Desailly equalized the score in the 17th minute, and then Glen Shire led the Blues to overtake the score in the 27th minute. Chelsea eventually kept the 2-1 score to the end; before this game , The two teams have 64 points, and Chelsea has 9 goal difference advantages).

然而,最终,蓝军在比赛的前17分钟内占据了主动,一举拿下了胜利,最终赢得了联赛第四名,从而避免了可能的财务困难。 (注解:Hypia在比赛的第11分钟为红军效力。进球后,Desailly在第17分钟将比分扳平,然后Glen Shire在第27分钟带领蓝军超越比分。切尔西最终保持了2-1进球结束;在本场比赛之前,两队得到64分,而切尔西则有9个进球差。

If Chelsea missed the Champions League at the time, many people would doubt whether Abramovich would look for another goal and invest his money elsewhere, and Rick Parry was one of these people.


"I actually didn't know how much disturbance and influence Abramovich would have, nor did he know that he would invest so much money immediately," Parry said frankly.


"Why is such a rich man interested in football, especially a football club that is not in his home country? At that time, this kind of super-rich acquisition of football clubs was still a new thing. We used to deal with businessmen who had a cold on football. Jack Walker dice Blackburn.


"And this time it is obviously raised to a completely different new height."


In the 33 seasons before Abramovich joined the Blues, Chelsea ranked higher than Liverpool in the standings at the end of the season only twice, and both of these occurred in the four seasons before the start of the 2003-04 season.


Under Abramovich’s influence, the Blues have ranked higher than the Reds 11 times in the following 17 seasons. During this period, Liverpool’s ownership changed several times. After a long period of ups and downs, they finally came to Finland. The hands of Granville Sports.


Also in the same period, the Blues ranked higher than Manchester United 8 times. In 2003, Manchester United became Chelsea's forward goal, and Liverpool was very confident that they could catch up with this mortal enemy.

同样在同一时期,蓝军的排名也比曼联高出8倍。 2003年,曼联成为切尔西的射门进球,利物浦非常有信心他们可以追上这个致命的敌人。

In an interview, Parry summarized the challenges he faced at the time, and frankly said that Liverpool did not have the resources to match Manchester United, but they at least knew what these resources meant-yes, mainly from income.


Parry believed at the time that if Liverpool could build a new stadium to increase revenue, it would be much easier to compete with Manchester United.


"The competitive environment at the time was relatively fairer," he recalled. "At that time, everything was very sudden: Abramovich came here all of a sudden. It can be said that everything is back to the beginning, because we have to stop and think about the long-term impact of a new mortal enemy with unlimited funds. "

他回忆说:“当时的竞争环境相对公平。” “当时一切都非常突然:阿布拉莫维奇突然来到这里。可以说一切都回到了开始,因为我们必须停下来思考一下无限的新致命敌人的长期影响。资金。 ”

The status of Liverpool and Chelsea in the transfer market is also reflected in Duff's transfer issue.


In 2003, Duff's previous club, Blackburn, trailed Liverpool by 4 points in the league standings. A year ago, Liverpool tried to sign the winger, but the Red Army could only pay a maximum of 12 million pounds.


Blackburn did not want to sell him. The team did not need funds at the time. It was also during the same period that Duff renewed his contract with the club.


Both Parry and Hollier knew Duff was a Liverpool fan and they always wanted to build a team around him and win the championship.


Duff’s renewal contract has a £17 million buyout clause. Parry’s sentence best summarizes the situation at the time: “This is the most useless and helpless thing.” The reason is simple. , Chelsea can directly take Duff to Stamford Bridge at a price that broke the club’s transfer record. The Blues also moved from Manchester United, Real Madrid and Inter Milan that summer.

Duff的续约合同中有1700万英镑的收购条款。帕里的句子最能概括当时的情况:“这是最无用和无助的事情。”原因很简单。 ,切尔西可以直接将达夫(Duff)带到斯坦福德桥(Stanford Bridge),价格打破了俱乐部的转会纪录。那个夏天,蓝军也从曼联,皇马和国际米兰迁出。

"What we immediately thought was: ‘Don’t, will this be the case from now on?’" Parry recalled. "At that time, it looked like Chelsea had a transfer market, and other clubs shared another transfer market."

“我们立即想到的是:‘不,从现在开始会是这样吗?’”帕里回忆道。 “那时,切尔西看起来好像有一个转会市场,其他俱乐部也共享另一个转会市场。”

In the new era of the Premier League, tycoons, chiefs and American capital jointly launched an impact on the league championship. Due to the fierce competition and direct confrontation for the championship since this period of time, Liverpool and Manchester City also have the meaning of mortal rivals.


Klopp and Guardiola may have different opinions on issues such as the purpose of establishing the Fiscal Fairness Act, but they still respect each other.


Similarly, there are also friendships between the players of the two teams. For example, Henderson and Lallana still maintain contact with Sterling, and the Brazilian players of the two teams always get together.


But such a relationship has never appeared between Chelsea and Liverpool. The fans of the two teams are completely opposed. The coaches of the two teams also despise the success of the other side, even without any cover.


In a parallel universe, perhaps Mourinho would have been coaching Liverpool. There are many different opinions about the contact between Mourinho's agent and Parry in the spring of 2004.


At that time Mourinho was preparing to leave the team, and his Porto was on the road to the Champions League. At the same time, Houllier's coaching career in Liverpool was facing an end.


Before Porto eliminated Lyon in the Champions League quarter-finals in April, it was reported that Mourinho had agreed to join Liverpool.


Parry allegedly told Mourinho’s adviser Jorge Badek that he needed 15 days to complete the termination of the contract with Hollier. At the same time, he had never had a relationship with Mourinho. Cooperating Mendes came to the door and handed Mourinho a well-paid Chelsea coach contract.

据称,帕里(Parry)告诉穆里尼奥的顾问豪尔赫·巴德克(Jorge Badek),他需要15天才能完成与Hollier的合同终止。同时,他从未与穆里尼奥有任何关系。合作的门德斯(Mendes)来到门口,并向穆里尼奥(Mourinho)支付了一份丰厚的切尔西教练合同。

Then there was Abramovich's meeting with Mourinho before the Champions League semi-final between Porto and Deportivo. They met again on Abu's yacht the day after Porto won the final victory over Monaco.


But Parry himself told a very different story. In March of that year, one afternoon before Porto's visit to the Old Trafford Stadium for the second leg of the Champions League 1/8 final, he ushered in a strange face at the Melwood training base.


Although he did not disclose the name of the agent in the interview, we guessed that he should be Frenchman Bruno Satan.


The agent was still talking about the players he could sell to Houllier for an hour. In summary, Parry said that this probably reflects how ruthless the transfer market is. The previous exchange of the agent may be to help a coach, while the latter exchange may be the opposite, which is secretive.


"I was told at the time that Mourinho was interested in coaching Liverpool and was asked if Liverpool would be interested in appointing him next season", Parry recalled.


"This doesn't feel good. The agent actually met Houllier just now and tried to sell him players, and soon suggested to me to fire him. In football, it should be more polite. Okay, isn't it?


"I said at the time:'Look, we have our own way of dealing with it. We will not appoint a new coach without Hollier's knowledge. First, this is disrespect for him; second, because we still do Fighting for the UEFA Champions League qualification, we don’t want to make a conclusion in March.'


If we do that, the situation may be completely different, we may not be able to win the Champions League qualification that season, and may not perform the Istanbul miracle under Benitez's coaching. "

如果这样做,情况可能会完全不同,我们可能无法在那个赛季赢得欧洲冠军联赛的资格,也可能无法在贝尼特斯的指导下实现伊斯坦布尔奇迹。 ”

That night, after the 1-1 away draw with Manchester United, Porto eliminated the Red Devils with a total score of 3-2. Mourinho's sideline celebration after Costinha's final equalizer goal became a classic picture. .

那天晚上,在与曼联进行1-1客场平局之后,波尔图以3-2的总比分淘汰了红魔。在Costinha最终达到均衡器目标之后,穆里尼奥在场边庆祝成为经典。 。

"We are very happy about Manchester United being eliminated, I believe no one is happier than me.


But one of our core values ​​is respect, which includes treating other clubs, including treating other individuals," Parry said.


"A lot of things have limits, and some of the ways of doing things are also the same. After seeing Mourinho's way of celebrating, I further strengthened my initial thoughts. His behavior made me doubtful.


Of course, I believe he would become a great coach if he coached at Liverpool-I have no doubts about his ability. But can he really become a Liverpool coach-or does his character fit the club's values? "

当然,我相信如果他在利物浦执教,他将成为一名出色的教练-我毫不怀疑他的能力。但是他真的可以成为利物浦教练吗?或者他的角色符合俱乐部的价值观吗? ”

In Parry’s view, Benitez meets the requirements in this regard; he held a contemptuous attitude towards the Blues’ money offensive, while on the contrary, Mourinho called himself after confirming to join the Blues. "A special one".

帕里(Parry)认为,贝尼特斯(Benitez)符合这方面的要求;他对布鲁斯的金钱进攻持轻蔑态度,相反,穆里尼奥在确认加入布鲁斯后给自己打电话。 “特别的”。

In the summer of 2004, Mourinho invested 100 million pounds to buy new aid. At the same time, facing the only two world-class stars in the team, Benitez chose to sell Irving, but only in the transfer. The market cost less than 20 million pounds.


The first signal of tension between the two teams was the meeting between the two teams in the League Cup final that season.


After the Blues took the lead, Mourinho directly faced the stand where the Liverpool fans were, put his finger on his mouth, and made a "shh" action.


In the end, Mourinho also successfully won the first championship trophy in the Abramovich era. Three months later, Liverpool eliminated the Blues in the Champions League semi-finals.


You know, Chelsea won the first top league championship in team history in 50 years that season, and the gap between the Red Army and them was as high as 37 points.


15 years later, there are still people who will discuss whether Luis Garcia's goal is completely over the line.

15年后,仍然会有人讨论Luis Garcia的目标是否完全超出目标。

Mourinho was the first person to say that this was a "ghost goal". Parry said that he believed that the second round of the two teams was the greatest night at Anfield.


"What's even better is that Goodjohnson missed a good opportunity at the end of the game. It was like the retribution of Chelsea for so many years of ‘evil behavior’. You must think ‘Awesome!’"


The red and blue armies have since become new mortal enemies.


From the 2004-05 season to the 2008-09 season, the two clubs have met 24 times in all competitions during these five seasons, and the relationship between the two teams has become more dire.


And because of Mourinho’s pursuit of Gerrard in the two summer transfer windows, the relationship between the two teams has deteriorated further; in addition, after leading the Red Army to create an impossible miracle in Istanbul, Gerrard believes that Liverpool are in The negotiation of the new contract showed signs of not wanting to leave him, and therefore submitted a transfer application one month after the cup.


However, although the Red Army fans gathered at Melwood and Anfield to burn the jersey with Gerrard's name on the back, he decided to withdraw the decision after realizing his reputation in the club and his family in his hometown. .

但是,尽管红军球迷聚集在梅尔伍德和安菲尔德,用杰拉德的名字烧球衣,但在意识到自己在俱乐部和家中的声誉后,他决定撤回决定。 。

Afterwards, he said that the night that might leave the team was the most emotional moment in his life, and he had mixed feelings.


In Gerrard's 710 games in the Red Army career, he has faced this club 39 times that had strongly hoped to sign him.


Carragher has faced the Blues 45 times. Gerrard never won a league title with Liverpool in the end, but in Carragher's view, Gerrard should have felt the satisfaction of being a Liverpool player. No matter how long it passes, this satisfaction will eclipse Stamford Bridge a lot.


Carragher also believes that the game against Chelsea is as important as the Derby, and sometimes even more important than against Manchester United.


"Sometimes, when I watch Manchester United vs. Chelsea, it’s Manchester United that I hope to win. I hate Chelsea so much. So when we face them, you don’t just want to win, but you also want to stop them. Victory."


"Both coaches believe that they are the best. I think that since Abramovich came to Chelsea with the money, their arrogance has appeared. They are a little arrogant."


After retiring, Gerrard said when talking about the contest between the two teams that it was more significant than people thought.


"For both Liverpool players and Red Army fans, in order to win the championship, we always have to eliminate Chelsea," Gerrard said in 2017.


"For us, no matter what championship we want to win, we know that we have to be better than them. It can be said that in the 90 minutes of the game, there is always that kind of hostility on the court."


This feeling is not unique to Liverpool. Both Carragher and Gerrard said that players from different clubs get along well in the England team, but as long as Lampard and Terry step into Anfield, they will immediately become the target of abuse.


This was especially true for Lampard in his early years, especially after he broke the Spanish midfielder's ankle in 2005 while sliding with Alonso.


"The experience of going to Anfield Stadium was terrible," Terry recalled. "You get out of the hotel and take the bus to the stadium for about 30 minutes, but along the way you will see fans on the street, they curse at you and throw things at the bus-it's a nightmare."

特里回忆说:“去安菲尔德球场的经历很糟糕。” “你离开酒店,乘公共汽车去体育场大约30分钟,但是一路上,你会在街上看到歌迷,他们骂着你,把东西扔在公共汽车上,这是一场噩梦。”

"Mourinho knows very well what he is doing. He also knows that he can pester Benitez. Sometimes he will tell jokes about what he will say later. Because we had strong financial resources, So everyone hates us, we are like new children.


This state of being besieged by the outside world is very clear to him, the coaching staff and everyone. It seems that the whole world is opposed to us. "

他,教练组和每个人都清楚这种被外界包围的状态。似乎全世界都反对我们。 ”

Lampard has a similar view: "Chelsea’s traditional rival outside London is Leeds. Then we started to have a similar relationship with Liverpool, but we didn’t know where it came from. It took about five or six years, then This tension is very anxious.


"When Mourinho joined and Abramovich became the home team, we became a team with strong financial resources. Everyone didn't like us at the time. This is the opposite of Liverpool. They are a club belonging to workers. Many glorious years are based on tradition. We are new rich kids and signed many players.


"Mourinho held up his chest to face them, and then everyone started a contest. This is a confrontation between two different ideas."


Mourinho dismissed Chelsea for the first time in September 2007, but then under the guidance of Grant, Scolari, Hiddink and Ancelotti, the smell of gunpowder between the two teams continued. Benitez once said that Drogba is good at diving, but the Ivorian responded directly that the Red Army coach is not good.


In the second round of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals of the 2007-08 season, Drogba broke through the opponent's gate twice, helping the Blues to win 3-2 through overtime, and knocking out the Reds in one fell swoop. , Chelsea drew 1-1 with the Reds fortunately with Riise's own goal in the 5th minute of stoppage time.

在2007-08赛季欧洲冠军联赛半决赛的第二轮比赛中,德罗巴两次突破了对手的大门,帮助蓝军在加时赛中以3-2获胜,并一举击败红军。 ,切尔西在第5分钟的补时阶段与里兹(Rises)的进球很轻松地与红军以1-1扳平比分。

In the second round of the contest, the two teams once again fought 1-1 within 90 minutes of regular time. In the overtime period, Lampard and Pogba’s goals helped the Blues take the lead. Babel pulled one city back in the 117th minute, but ultimately failed to change the direction of the game).

在比赛的第二轮中,两支球队在常规时间的90分钟内再次以1-1的比分作战。在加时赛中,兰帕德和波格巴的进球帮助蓝军取得了领先。 Babel在第117分钟将一个城市撤回,但最终未能改变比赛的方向。

In the second season, Liverpool achieved a league position higher than Chelsea for the first time in the Abramovich era. They also used Alonso's winning goal to end the Blues' 86 unbeaten record at Stamford Bridge.


(Annotation: This refers to Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool in the ninth round of the league. Alonso scored the only goal in the game in the 10th minute; it is worth mentioning that Liverpool completed a double against Chelsea in this season's league. To kill, they defeated the Blues 2-0 with Torres' goals in the 89th minute and 4th minute of stoppage time at home.

(注:这是指联赛第九轮切尔西0-1利物浦。阿隆索在第10分钟打进了比赛的唯一进球;值得一提的是,利物浦在本赛季的联赛中对切尔西完成了两次加冕。 ,他们在停球时间的第89分钟和第4分钟以托雷斯的进球2-0击败了蓝军。

What the original text did not mention is that the two teams also had a peak matchup in the Champions League that season. The Blues beat Liverpool 3-1 away in the first round, while the Reds then set off a wave of counterattack in the second round. The two teams drew 4-4 and Chelsea also advanced with a total score of 7-5).


However, after only one season, Liverpool quickly fell from the league runner-up position. In the 2009-10 season, Chelsea visited Anfield in the penultimate round of the league. They eventually defeated the Reds 2-0 and ushered in their third league championship in six seasons. In hindsight, this also became the last Hustle game under Benitez, until nearly 3 years later, the Spanish returned to Anfield, and at that time he had become Chelsea's coach.


Regarding Benitez’s time at Stamford Bridge that was not popular with fans, the story itself deserves another article to tell.

关于贝尼特斯在斯坦福桥(Stanford Bridge)的时间并不受到歌迷欢迎,这个故事本身值得另一篇文章讲述。

Although his relationship with Abramovich is as good as other bosses in his coaching career, he is not so harmonious with one of the members of the club's board of directors.


Benitez publicly criticized him for labeling him as a temporary coach. On the other hand, Benetz himself did only coach from November to the end of the season. After the FA Cup against Middlesbrough, just three months after he picked up the Blues pointer, Benitez confirmed that he will leave the team at the end of the season. The reason is simple. He always expressed protest against his identity as the Blues coach.


Many fans will never forgive Benitez for his comments on Chelsea as the Reds coach. Although he eventually led the team to win the Europa League, the Spaniard is still dubbed by Chelsea fans as the "chubby Spanish waiter".


While coaching the Blues, Benitez was able to coach Torres, who he signed for Liverpool in 2007.


After joining the Red Army for three and a half years, the Spanish striker switched to the Blues with a record value in the transfer record of English football at the time, making himself a traitor to Merseyside.


Liverpool fans are relatively sympathetic to Benitez's situation. The coach has been away from football for nearly two years after his six-month Inter Milan career. There is also a certain time interval between this period of coaching the Blues, but Torres' situation is another matter.


The Spanish striker's experience was similar to that of Gerrard's previous threat to leave the team. Fans gathered outside Melwood and burned his jersey.


When Torres faced Liverpool as a blue player for the first time, his former teammate Agger gave the Spaniard a fierce defense to score Mawei and directly knocked the blue forward to the ground.


At Stamford Bridge, Torres never reached the heights he used to be in the Reds, but at Wembley Stadium in 2012, he helped the Blues beat Liverpool under Dalglish and prevented them from winning the domestic Cup double. king.


About a year later, Suarez "eaten raw" Ivan in the game, and finally suffered a severe penalty of 10 games ban.


This result made the Uruguayan forward missed the game in the first 6 weeks of the 2013-14 season, but the Reds also achieved the second time ranking above the Blues since the Abramovich era in that season, and in 24 seasons For the first time so close to the Premier League champion.


Had it not been for Gerrard's slip and Dembaba to use the opportunity to help the Blues take the lead and eventually make the team beat the Reds 2-0, Liverpool would have had a chance to defeat Chelsea, who was coached by Mourinho and was not as strong as his own.


Mourinho also celebrated with his chest slapped along the sideline again without losing his true colors after the team beat the opponent, instead of keeping silent.


Manchester City also took advantage of this defeat by the Red Army and finally won the league championship by 2 points, which also delayed the Red Army’s Premier League championship dream for another 6 seasons.


A year later, Gerrard also ushered in the last game for Liverpool, Chelsea fans always mention his sadness.


Although the Stamford Bridge fans stood up and applauded the last time they played the Blues at home as a player, but throughout the game, they continued to ridicule Gerrard and challenge the final bottom line of the Red Army legend.


"The Chelsea fans did show me their respect for a few seconds, but they executed me throughout the game, so I won't bless the Blues fans. It's too rare for them to stand and applaud like this. "


Of course, Gerrard himself wants to know what would happen if he played under Mourinho.


Although Gerrard played under Benitez in the prime of Liverpool, the relationship between them can be called the relationship between ordinary coach and player.


In 2015, Mourinho once stated that Gerrard is one of his favorite opponents of his career. Today, although Mourinho's reputation in football is no better than before, Mourinho at that time is seen by the outside world as the best coach in personnel management.


"For me, he is the best coach in the world," Gerrard said. "If I were not a Liverpool fan, I would probably have been signed by him 3 times. He is the reason I have been shaken several times, but he also understands why I didn't do that because I love the Liverpool club.

“对我来说,他是世界上最好的教练,”杰拉德说。 “如果我不是利物浦的球迷,我可能会被他签下3次。他是我被多次动摇的原因,但他也明白为什么我不这样做,因为我爱利物浦俱乐部。

"I have also had a long conversation with my father and brother, saying that it is more important for me to win two or three titles for Liverpool than to win ten titles for Chelsea, Inter Milan or Real Madrid.


"When you are winning the championship for your hometown and the fans, the meaning behind it is much more."


In the past decade or so, Chelsea seems to have always grabbed the Red Army's signing targets.


Liverpool had hoped to sign William from Shakhtar Donetsk, but he eventually went to Stamford Bridge after a short trip to Anzhi. Similar transfers include Salah and Diego Costa, who also gave up their invitation from Anfield.


This situation showed signs of change during Chamberlain's transfer in 2017, when the England midfielder chose to join Liverpool instead of the defending champion under Conte.


Chamberlain was a Chelsea fan in his childhood, and he also received a more lucrative contract extension from Arsenal, but in the end he chose to join the Red Army.


The reason is simple. The existence of Klopp played a leading role. Players such as Henderson and Lallana also expressed to him that Klopp improved their performance in the game and gave a high praise to Uncle Slag. Since then, Liverpool has gradually shown its edge.

原因很简单。克洛普的存在起了主导作用。亨德森(Henderson亚博游戏)和拉拉纳(Lallana)等球员也向他表示,克洛普(Klopp)改善了比赛表现,并为炉渣叔叔(Uncle Slag)给予了高度评价。从那时起,利物浦逐渐显示出自己的优势。

From August 2003, the Abramovich era, to October 2015 Klopp joined the Red Army, the two clubs have had 42 contests in 12 years.


Judging from the record of this period, Chelsea is undoubtedly the dominant side. They won 18 of them, while the Reds won 13 and the remaining 11 games ended in a tie.


Under Klopp, the situation between the two teams reversed. Liverpool won 6 games, Chelsea beat their opponents 3 times, and the remaining 4 games ended in a draw.


This season is the first three consecutive seasons since Chelsea ushered in the Abramovich era, Liverpool ranked above the Blues in the league.


Outside the stadium, the Reds also lead Chelsea. Abramovich's most generous season occurred in the 2011-12 season before the implementation of the "Financial Equity Act", and one of the reasons for its introduction was that Chelsea's expenditures far exceeded its revenue.


The success of Chelsea also meant that they were able to raise their income levels above Liverpool. When the Fenway Group acquired Liverpool in 2010, Chelsea was ranked first in the Deloitte Football Fortune List for the 2008-09 season, with an income of 25 million pounds higher than the Reds.

切尔西的成功也意味着他们能够将自己的收入水平提高到利物浦之上。当芬威集团(Fenway Group)在2010年收购利物浦(Liverpool)时,切尔西(Chelsea)在2008-09赛季德勤足球

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