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亚博游戏:加西亚三连胜比利时一姐 四年内三进法网16强
名称:亚博游戏:加西亚三连胜比利时一姐 四年内三进法网16强

News from October 3, Beijing time, at the French Open, the locals hope that Garcia will reverse the 16th seed Mertens with 1-6/6-4/7-5 and reach the fourth round of the French Open for the third time in the past four years. .

北京时间10月3日的消息,在法国公开赛上,当地人希望加西亚将以1-6 / 6-4 / 7-5逆转16号种子梅尔滕斯,并第三次进入法网第四轮过去的四年。 。

   Garcia, who is now ranked 45th in the world, has not lost a set in the two previous matches with Mertens, but this time she reunited and quickly handed over the first set. The French star launched a strong counterattack in the last two sets, and finally held the unbeaten record against the Belgian after a fierce battle of 2 hours and 15 minutes.


   At the beginning of the game, Mertens was in a strong state, with a first serve scoring rate of 71% in the first set and a second serve scoring rate of 78%. As Garcia made a series of backhand mistakes, the No. 16 seed broke serve at the start and quickly gained a 4-0 lead.


   The local darling finally completed the guarantee in the next round, but the gap was too big before. Mertens broke serve for the third time with a 5-1 lead, forced the opponent to return the ball out of bounds, and took the lead. In the first game, Mertens did not send a break point.

本地亲爱的宝贝终于在下一轮完成了担保,但之前的差距太大。 Mertens以5-1的领先优势第三次破发发球,迫使对手将球越出界线,并取得了领先。在亚博游戏第一场比赛中,梅滕斯没有送出破发点。

   In the second set, Garcia sounded the horn of counterattack. The French girl saw today's first break point opportunity after 1-1. With a short scoring, she successfully cashed in and took the lead in the score for the first time. Garcia gradually increased his offensive firepower, relying on his fierce forehand to maintain his advantage to 4-2.


   Mertens regained his momentum in the middle, and Ace was successfully secured in the seventh game, and then he broke back and tied the score to 4-4, only two games away from victory. But at the critical moment, Garcia withstood the pressure and broke through the opponent's defense again, and then successfully held the serve to win the game with the cheers of the home audience and the two sides returned to the same starting line.


   Garcia continued this momentum into the deciding set and broke serve in the first game as Mertens returned the ball to the net. Although the Belgian did not encounter more trouble in the next four serving games, she also failed to find a chance to break back. Garcia ushered in the serve victory 5-4.


   The French star brought out three match points but none of them were honored. Instead, he was chased to 5-5 because of a series of mistakes in the foreplay, and the suspense of the game surged. Despite this, Garcia calmed down quickly and resumed the offensive in the next game. A backhand winning point helped her break serve again, and the initiative returned to Garcia.


   In the second serve win game, Garcia successfully resolved the break serve crisis, and after some entanglement, Ace brought out today's sixth match point. This time she waited in the stalemate until Mertens returned the ball out of bounds and ended the fight as a winner.


   Garcia and Svitolina have played against each other four times before, and the French 3-1 maintains the lead, but the last time they met was the 2018 season.




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